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Folks who are in close contacts with their friends and relatives often have overnight guests from time to time. This is more so during religious festivals, birthdays and similar events. No matter the reason for having guests, it becomes essential to make arrangement for cozy and appealing bedding so that they enjoy sound sleep when they are at your home. Luckily, you can give a pleasant welcome to your guests by having a suitable pair of decorative pillows for guest beds in the guestroom. Various types of decorative pillows can be found in the market. Some of the popular ones are listed below.

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Needlepoint pillows

Needle point is a type of embroidery that covers up the entire canvas, besides beautifying the pillows. These pillows are the hot choice of most of the homeowners for their guest beds. They come in varying shapes, sizes and price range. As a result, picking a suitable pair of pillows is never an issue.

Embroidered throw pillows

These decorative pillows embellish elegant accents and uplift the bedroom area in a great manner. No matter whether you have a traditional bedroom, or a contemporary one, this type of pillows looks simply amazing. The pillows feature the likings of crewel work or cross stitch that grabs the attention of guests. Due to intricate embroidery complemented with crewelwork, the final design is finely painted canvas with wonderful craftsmanship. Usually, embroidery throw pillows are made from wool, silk or cotton fabric which gives a soothing and sleek appearance to the pillows.

Hooked occasional pillows

Hooked pillows are made from strands of woolen yarns and hooked through a canvas backing to make a particular motif or design. They are less formal than needle work pillows as they are designed with casual themes in varying styles. Most of the pillows are crafted with whimsy and humor themes. The biggest benefit of using hooked pillows is they are much more durable than many other pillows. Moreover, they are an affordable choice than other types of pillows available in the market.

High end silk pillows

Many high end decorative pillows are made from silk. Moreover, most of these pillows feature handcrafted silk designs and patterns embroidered on them. In many pillows, the hue of the background matches with that of the pattern to make the design noticeable and elegant by its raised texture. Similarly, certain silk pillows have contrasting silk embroidery finely designed on solid background colors.

In addition to this, there are various other decorative pillows for guest beds. The style and the material make of the pillows vary from each other allowing you multiple choices to pick an ideal one for your guestroom. Moreover, you will find decorative pillows in varying designs and prices from high end intricately designed pillows to simple affordable pillows and everything in between, the choices are endless. As a result, picking a suitable pair of pillows for your guests is not a difficult task, no matter your preferences and budget. Explore a couple of reliable venues that provide a range of decorative pillows, and choose the best pillows that are in line with your preferences and budget.